We all know the so called ‘bad foods’ but I was surprised at some of the things I have read about foods I didn’t think were too bad for me that actually are! In the last week or so, swapping the following ‘bad’ five foods for foods that I have read are excellet substitutions, has had a massive positive effect on my energy levels so I thought I’d share with you…

food swap geog on hayley

It hasn’t actually been as difficult as I thought giving up these five foods, after all they were probably the foods that have been the worst part of me diet in the last year. Particularly white bread and mayonaise. Looking back, I am shocked at how much bread I used to it and why did I? White bread is full of carbs, often contains sugars that make your blood sugar spike and makes you bloat! It only contains a tiny amount of goodness and is pretty crappy for you digestion too.

At week two, I’ve been doing fine giving up these and I can’t believe how much more energy I have now! And this is just the start of my diet! Yipee!

Well worth a try, let me know how you get on…

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